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A lot of couples and family find that barriers a are put up when building a home. You need to prove you can afford it and financial institutions can scrutinise the smallest of details. Crediflex Caboolture knows how to present all of your income, assets and expense in such a way to make you extremely attractive for potential lenders. They have built relationships with these lenders and know how to win them over and present you and your family as a sure deal. They also have the best options for you to choose from as well as advice for you when taking out loans. Crediflex is the most trusted Burpengary Mortgage Broker found in the area.


What Can Crediflex Do For You

Crediflex Caboolture has a massive range of loan options for you that are attractive finance alternatives. You can receive a loan through them rather than being grilled by a bank manager in any old bank. Crediflex has the contacts to get you a good deal. They will make sure that you have all the help you need to get the loan that’s right for you no matter the type. If there is a better loan for you, we will seek it out and apply for you as soon as possible. They pride themselves on finding the best deals from all our lender and make the repayments work for you and your budget. We will even give you advice on budgets and financial advice to pay this loan off quicker, with little stress


Documents You Need To Get Started

  • Group Certificates for the last 2 years (if employed)
  • Business Tax Returns/Profit & Loss Statements (if a business owner)
  • 3-6 Recent Pay Slips (approx.3-6 weeks or fortnights worth)
  • 1-2 Tax Returns (for employee and business)
  • Complete list of debts (ie. credit cards, student loands, car loands and child support payments)
  • List of Assets (ie bank and mutual fund statements, real estate and vehicle titles, etc.)
  • Cancelled Check for your rent or mortgage payments
  • Credit Reports


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Stop Renting

Like most Australians, if your dream is to own your own home, Crediflex can make those dreams possible. Why pay dead money, find your home and we will do the rest. That’s it! Home owning here you come. 




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